What are Personal Care Services in Home Care?

    Does your loved one find it difficult to perform simple everyday tasks? Do you think that the assistance of another person would make these daily activities manageable for your loved one, and result in improved health and wellbeing? If you answered “yes,” for you or your loved one, personal care services may be a consideration. Harmony Home Care has the resources you need to find personal care services for your loved one.

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    Personal Care Services are non-medical services that are provided by a personal care worker to help a client with day-to-day activities. These activities of daily living (or ADLs) are normal tasks that people complete every day. In home care, these day-to-day activities typically include:

    • Bathing - washing your body to maintain hygiene and health
    • Dressing - the ability to change clothing to maintain hygiene and health
    • Feeding -  being able to prepare and eat a meal
    • Transferring - the ability to move physically from one location to another while performing activities
    • Continence - the ability to control bladder and bowel function and personal hygiene tasks associated with these activities

    Personal Care Services

    • Toileting - the ability to get to and from the toilet, and to perform the personal hygiene tasks associated with these activities
    • Housekeeping - the ability to perform daily tasks and maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness in their home
    • Telephone & Technology - the ability to use basic technology and operate a telephone
    • Shopping - the ability to shop for basic necessities
    • Food preparation - the ability to plan, prepare, and cook meals 
    • Laundry - the ability to regularly clean clothes
    • Transportation - independently using public or private transportation
    • Medications - having the ability to responsibly take proper doses of medications

    Harmony Home Care employs caregivers who are professionally-trained health care services and are carefully-matched to serve the needs of your loved one. Our professionals provide personal care services for seniors, companionship, resources and in-home safety assistance for individuals who are unable to keep up with their typical activities of daily living. Home health care assistance makes daily activities manageable for your loved one, and can help improve their health and wellbeing. Harmony Home Care offers personal care services including:

    • Meal planning, preparation, and clean-up services
    • Medication reminders and prescription pick-up
    • Assistance with personal care, bathing, and dressing
    • Transportation and mobility resources
    • Light housekeeping and laundry services
    • Shopping, errands, and community outings
    • Companionship and life enrichment activities
    • Respite care to provide relief to family caregivers
    • Home safety assessments and supervision
    • Support through recovery after a hospitalization
    • Light stretching and exercise assistance

    Benefits of Personal Care Services

    Benefits of Personal Care Services

    There are many reasons to choose personal care services including:

    • Ability to remain at home. Many seniors prefer the privacy and comfort of their own home, especially if they are able to receive a level of companionship that personal care provides. Having someone to help with simple tasks can allow an elderly individual to live comfortably in the safety of their home.
    • Cost alternatives. Although there are certain costs associated with personal home care, the costs may be significantly less than what the cost of alternative assisted care arrangements would be. 
    • Personal Needs. Personal caregivers are able to focus the complete attention on the needs of your loved one. Some seniors need 24 hour care, while others may only need a couple of hours per day. Fortunately, all of their needed time is focused on your loved one. 
    • Improved quality of life. Living at home can be a significant enhancement in your loved one’s health and wellbeing. Thanks to personal care, they can maintain independence while forming close relationships to their caregiver.

    Personal Care Services may be a covered expense through Medicaid, Medicare, or Veterans’ benefits, or by paying out of pocket. Your loved one’s individual needs and eligibility coverage for personal care services can easily be reviewed and discussed by qualified home care agencies, financial planners, and even social workers. Work with your loved one and their medical team to evaluate personal care services most beneficial for their situation.

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