What an In-Home Caregiver Can Best Provide for Your Child

    It may feel as if you are the only person giving care to your child. However, as a parent of a special-needs child or a child with acute or chronic medical conditions, getting additional help in the home can be lifesaving. Parenting is not the easiest task, but it's definitely rewarding. When the list of tasks is endless and you add medical or special needs, it can become overwhelming. More doctor visits, therapy appointments, and health problems also bring additional stress. Most families are not aware they can get help from outside services to reduce stress and give them additional quality time with their child.

    In other words, in-home care allows you to spend fun time with your child and not worry about how to get all the tasks done, getting therapy completed and thinking about the rest of your daily functions. Sometimes all you need is a highly skilled sitter who can offer a wide range of options to your family. Other times you may benefit from a pediatric nurse who can offer specialized care and clinical expertise to keep your family safe and healthy.

    When you are coping with a myriad of challenges, it's sometimes difficult to look beyond your immediate needs since the future seems completely overwhelming. Using in-home care often helps not only your child to stay home with you, but also benefits the entire family, as it reduces your emotional stress and helps relieve challenges at home. We recognize that every child and every family is unique, so we work with you to provide the kind of care you need to make your situation work.

    You might think that you don't qualify for home care because there's a parent at home that doesn't work, your child is not “sick” enough, the school provides an aide, or your insurance doesn't approve it. Although these are all common reasons for not seeking additional care, they are not necessarily true, and they are challenges we can help you overcome. Using respite care, in-home providers for light housekeeping services or having someone run errands can all help reduce your load and improve your own emotional and physical health. Although you are fully capable of taking care of your own child and your own home, it is not necessary that you do it alone.

    In-home caregivers not only reduce your stress, but they also reduce the stress on your child. Children are intuitive little beings who easily understand the stress you are under. By bringing in an in-home caregiver, you offer yourself a little stress reduction and give your child the opportunity to interact with another individual with whom they can develop a deep friendship. This offers your child someone objective they can interact with and talk to, helping them to feel as if they're not adding more stress to your life. No matter how medically fragile your child might be, they recognize stress and thrive when that stress level is reduced.

    Asking for help is not easy, especially if you believe in order to be a good parent, you have to take care of everything. But it's important to remember that taking care of your family also means taking care of yourself. Be honest about your own needs so you can get the help you need in order to be the best parent you can be.

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