Top 5 Skills You Can Learn in the Home to Help Advance Your Career

    If you have been out of school and practicing for a while, you likely noticed that it takes more than just solid technical skills and book smarts to be a great nurse. Really good nurses are able to balance a mix of intellectual and compassionate person-focused care. As you work toward advancing your professional career, it is helpful to seek out skills you can improve doing home care that will advance your career. Below is a list of some of the top skills you'll need to go from being a good nurse to a truly great sought- after nurse. These are things you can easily learn doing home care, which will improve your viability in the medical field.

    Cultural Awareness 

    Developing cultural awareness in the workplace is essential to working in teams and with patients. Culture awareness impacts your productivity and creativity and helps you understand how those from different backgrounds are motivated by different incentives. Having cultural awareness will improve your ability to gain patient compliance and improve your patients’ outcomes. In fact, it's a catchphrase for the foundation of great communication skills, as it involves your ability to stand outside yourself and become aware of the cultural values, beliefs, and perceptions of the people you work with, including your patients. Having cultural awareness has always been central to your ability to interact with people. As travel becomes much easier, you often will interact with people who are outside of your personal culture, making awareness of their belief system a necessity for providing quality care.

    Attention to Detail 

    As a nurse, developing and perfecting your attention to detail within a home care setting not only helps you avoid mistakes but also enables you to give excellent patient care. Dealing with life and death, health and sickness with every patient you care for mean your actions have far-reaching consequences. Developing strict attention to the details of patient care, communication and interaction is a skill you can transfer from one work environment to another.

    Critical Thinking 

    Medical professionals are problem solvers. For the most part, either in a facility or at home, time and resources are in short supply, while the to-do list is long. Being able to integrate information and evidence to drive your actions will improve patient outcomes and translate into effective plans and solutions. Critical thinking skills are learned and developed and are an essential skill for nurses. Working in a home care setting will require an ability for critical thinking while practicing independently.

    Time Management 

    While time management is important in nearly every career and job, as a nurse, lives may literally depend on your ability to balance what needs to be done in the short amount of time it needs to be accomplished. Time management encompasses your ability to prioritize work and stay organized. If this is something you struggle with, it is essential you find ways to improve your ability to juggle multiple tasks at the same time.


    As a nurse, and especially as a home-care nurse, you are a vital link between your patient, your patient’s family and their healthcare providers. Your ability to communicate effectively with the patient, assessing their individual needs and learning information that may impact their home health care, and then communicate that to family members and healthcare providers, is an essential part of being a home-care nurse. Communicating in a calm, measured and professional tone increases your ability to pass along information and help your patients and families feel more at home.

    Although these may feel like unimportant skills to learn and practice, the majority of nursing managers know they can teach technical skills to a new hire but it would require multiple hours and valuable resources to teach cultural awareness, time management skills and the ability to communicate with patients and other healthcare providers. You can hone these skills while working in home health care and take them with you to whatever job you choose next.

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