Tips for Healthy Aging

    Aging is a natural process. Seniors who take care of their health as they age often enjoy higher levels of energy and a higher quality of life.

    September is Healthy Aging Month. This month, seniors and their caregivers should focus on embracing the aging process through healthy habits so they can enjoy a better quality of life. This includes mental, emotional, and physical wellness. As a caregiver or loved one to a senior, you have an extremely important role to play in each phase of their health! Read on to find out more.

    Top Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Aging

    Accepting the aging process can help seniors stay healthy. Seniors will need to adapt their lifestyle to changing energy levels, limitations, and challenges.

    Here are tips to help seniors ease the aging process:

    • Include activities they love in their everyday routine
    • Help them make meaningful, regular connections with their friends and loved ones, either through technology or by practicing safe social distancing
    • Schedule doctor appointments at regular intervals, including telehealth visits
    • Find a way to get them moving every day to keep their body healthy
    • Add more fiber to their diet


    Positivity is Key

    Studies show that staying positive makes a world of difference as seniors age. Seniors may become less frail and may even be less likely to suffer from dementia if they maintain a positive outlook.

    Help seniors stay positive by:

    • Helping them remember what matters
    • Continually focusing on hope in conversations
    • Participate in things that are fun together




    Mental, Emotional, and Physical Tips for Healthy Aging

    There’s more to aging than just stiff joints or being at higher risk of certain diseases. Aging affects not only the body, but also mental and emotional health.

    Mental Health Tips

    • Stimulate the mind with crosswords, puzzles, and other brain challenges
    • Help seniors with continuous learning—learn something new on a regular basis
    • Engage in conversations often
    • Talk to their doctor if trouble with memory occurs


    Emotional Health Tips

    • Ensure seniors are getting adequate sleep
    • Encourage meditation to help de-stress
    • Assist in faith building or fellowship activities


    Physical Health Tips

    • Help find senior fitness classes
    • Assist in stretching activities
    • Offer to go on walks or sit outdoors
    • Monitor nutritional intake by suggesting fresh, healthy foods
    • Ensure doctor visits are regularly happening, whether in person or through telehealth


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    Tests Seniors Should Have

    It’s important to look out for increased risk of health problems as seniors age. Seniors should consider having these important tests conducted.

    • Blood pressure check
    • Blood test for lipid level
    • Colonoscopy
    • Vaccinations
    • Eye exam
    • Periodontal exam
    • Hearing exam
    • Bone density test
    • Vitamin D test
    • Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) level screening
    • Skin exam
    • Diabetes test
    • Mammogram (women)
    • Pap smear (women)
    • Prostate cancer screening (men)


    Home Care Tip

    If seniors associate aging with poor health, remind them that the two are not the same. Focus on all the abilities seniors still have. Frame health as an opportunity instead of a chore.

    At Harmony, we are devoted to the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of our clients, which includes helping them to live quality, fulfilling lives while aging in place comfortably. If you feel your loved one may benefit from home care or home healthcare services, call us today!



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