Private Duty Care vs. Home Health Care

    Being faced with the realization that your loved one may need help to live safely in his or her own home can be overwhelming. On top of the emotional stress that you may be feeling, it can be very challenging to determine what the best care plan would be, and how to sort through the new list of options that may be available. 

    This blog explains the difference between two terms you may come across in your research: “private duty care” and “home health care.” Harmony Home Care is here to help! Read our comprehensive blog on the difference between private duty care and home health care for more information. 

    What is Private Duty Care? 

    In general, private duty care refers to helping with activities of daily living like meal preparation, bathing, grooming, navigation, and housekeeping as needed.

    Private duty care can involve family respite assistance, to help family members take a break from providing care, allowing them to focus on their own personal needs and responsibilities. 

    What is Private Duty Care

    There are many ways that private duty care can be paid for including insurance, government programs - such as VetAssist - and even private pay options. Contact Harmony Home Care today, we are happy to help you navigate your options and answer any questions you may have.

    Private Duty Care Services 

    Typically, private duty home care services support senior individuals with a multitude of day-to-day tasks and activities. Below is a list of common services offered by Harmony Home Care private duty home caregivers.

    • Personal Care Assistance - A skilled private duty home caregiver from Harmony Home Care is able to provide personal care such as maintaining personal hygiene. This includes bathing, laundry services, dressing, and personal grooming services. 
    • Homemakers/Companions - Private duty home care provides your senior loved ones with companionship that eliminates the common feeling of isolation found in a senior who is placed in assisted living facilities. Having a personal connection to another person while you and your family are not present can remove the strain of loneliness felt in living facilities.
    • Meal Preparation - Private duty home care can provide meal preparation for your loved one. In addition, Harmony Home Care can provide cooking and light grocery shopping as another added service to bring an activity into your loved one’s life. 
    • Medication Reminders - Daily medication reminders set by a private duty home caregiver will safely inform your loved one when it is time to take their medication. Keep your loved one healthy with medication reminders and prescription pick-ups. 
    • Transportation for Shopping, Doctor’s Visits or Other Needs - Light housekeeping and other various home maintenance are common services made available to those who have a private duty home caregiver. These caregivers can also make transportation arrangements for shopping, light events or activities, and doctor’s appointments as well.

    For families who are new to at-home care, contact Harmony Home Care to learn more about our private duty, personal care, and companion services. 

    What is Home Health Care

    What is Home Health Care?

    Home health care is often referred to as “skilled care.” Typically, home health care is provided by and overseen by certified medical professionals. Skilled home health care workers licensed and insured for the protection of both the patients and the care provider. Skilled professionals include a registerednurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). The difference between private duty care and home health care is access to professional nursing services. 

    Home health care may be required if your loved one has a short term or chronic medical condition that needs more intensive, specialized care than personal care can provide. A decline in your loved one’s health and the need for medical intervention may necessitate the need to look for home health care options. 

    By choosing in-home home health care, your loved one can get the medical attention he or she needs by a skilled professional while being able to remain at home. Services rendered during Home Health Care can include physical therapy, occupational or speech therapy, home health aide services, a dietary and nutrition specialist, or medical social worker involvement.

    Private duty nursing care can be paid for in many different ways including insurance, government programs such as VetAssist and even private pay options. Home health care can be covered by private insurance like Medicare. In addition to Medicare, home health care can also be covered by Medicaid and through private funding from individuals. Contact Harmony Home Care today, we are happy to help you navigate your options and answer any questions you may have.

    Home Health Care Services

    Registered nursing managers work with a client’s physician to create care plans focused on meeting wellness goals. Most home health care services include:

    • Skilled nursing services
    • Physical, occupational, and speech therapies
    • Rehabilitation facility discharge coordination
    • Post-operative hospitalization care
    • Medication management
    • Pain management
    • Wound care
    • Palliative care

    Private Duty Nursing Vs Home Health Care

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