Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Choosing HomeCare

    Choosing the best homecare agency is crucial to helping your loved one who's sick or disabled. While many are trustworthy, there is some risk in letting a stranger into your home. In-home caregivers can provide a range of non-medical services, including preparing meals, light housekeeping and hands-on care such as bathing and grooming. Since a homecare caregiver will spend extended periods of time with your loved one, it's vital to find a safe match. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when choosing homecare staffing services.

    1. Choosing for Yourself and Not Your Loved One

    As you're searching for a homecare provider, be sure it's one you feel comfortable will provide good care but also focus on how your loved one feels about the person caring for them. Whether they are ill, elderly or disabled, your loved one should be comfortable with the person providing care in their home.

    1. Putting Off the Decision

    One of the biggest mistakes people make is putting the decision off until they need someone quickly. Hiring a homecare caregiver early improves the psychological well-being of your loved one and offers you peace of mind. It also gives you the opportunity to evaluate the homecare agency, understand eligibility requirements and fees.

    1. Assuming One Homecare Agency is the Same as the Next

    It's important not to judge a book by its cover. Some companies offer lavish benefits so you assume your loved one is receiving great in-home care at the best deal. Instead, find a company that employs people who actually care. It's important to check references and your state survey agency which inspects and certifies homecare agencies for Medicare. This will give you an overall understanding of the agency’s past performance.

    1. Hiring an Agency Without Sufficient Backup

    Take care to evaluate your homecare agencies back up plan for holidays, sick caregivers or vacations. Without sufficient backup for staffing emergencies, you could end up taking time off work. The same is true of agencies that have a revolving door of caregivers. Your loved one will form relationships with their caregivers and feel comfortable with the people who come into their home. If they change frequently, it leads to confusion in communication and inconsistent quality care.

    1. Not Setting Clear Expectations

    Before hiring a staffing service, be sure you know what you want the homecare aide to do. Do you expect cooking, cleaning, laundry and picking up medications from the pharmacy? Will she need to bring her own lunch or will she cook and eat with your loved one? Do you expect a caregiver who has experience with your loved one's condition? These questions will help you select the right type of agency and guide the staff they send to your loved one’s home.

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