Know Your Needs: How to Decide if Your Child Needs In-Home Healthcare

    Caring for children with complex medical needs is an overwhelming responsibility for parents. Sometimes primary care providers and other team members incorrectly assume the comprehensive needs of your child are being addressed, and as a result, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the physical, emotional and financial needs of daily care. This may lead to burnout and overwhelming stress.

    It's important you know high-quality pediatric in-home health care is available to help support your needs and care for medically fragile children. Whether your child has been discharged from the hospital after suffering an acute illness or injury or has a long-term disability or special needs, it may be time to evaluate if they require in-home care to support your resources.

    Having a professional pediatric caregiver at home can make a significant difference in reducing your stress levels and creating a healthier emotional and physical life for you and the rest of the family. In-home caregivers can keep your child safe while you get the rest and support you need. Only you can make the decision of whether having in-home healthcare can support your efforts, but it is helpful to know if you qualify to receive services.

    You Don't Work 

    Your job situation does not qualify or disqualify you for in-home health aide services or night nursing. Children can also have nurses or aides accompany them to school, depending on the health condition they have.

    Your Child's Health

    Children will qualify based on a variety of special needs and health conditions. Some of those conditions may include a tracheostomy, oxygen needs, tube feeding, limited mobility, autism or seizures. Ultimately, qualification for services is based on reimbursement, which means if you have the ability to pay for private services, qualification is not an issue. Also, if you can work with your physician to develop a letter of medical necessity based on your specific individualized family needs and resources, and your child's condition, your insurance company may choose to cover the cost.

    Your Training

    Whether you were trained in your child’s care or you are a nurse or nurse’s aide does not disqualify you or your child from receiving in-home healthcare. Most parents of medically fragile children are trained in how to care for their child, so it’s not a reason for an insurance company to deny coverage.

    In-home care for your child offers individualized attention focused exclusively on them. Rather than being distracted by countless other things happening in your home, your in-home care provider gives your child one-on-one attention and potentially helps reduce costs. In-home care is not a one-size-fits-all approach, so plans can be customized around the needs of your child and your family to help save time, effort and money.

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