How to Move on From Your Current In-Home HealthCare Provider

    When you work with a caregiver for yourself or a loved one, the relationship often becomes personal. In-home contract staff caregivers take care of your needs on a day-to-day basis, building bonds of intimacy that may make it difficult to decide when this staffing service provider isn't the right fit. Sometimes, even thinking about ending a relationship can be stressful, especially if you or your loved one feels there may be some form of retaliation.

    However, while letting someone go is never easy, it is preferable to continuing a relationship that has reached an end. Here are several things to think about when you believe it's time to “break up” with your in-home contract staff caregiver.

    Listen to Your Gut

    If you have a feeling that something is off, there's a good chance there is. Having a feeling is not enough of a reason to fire a caregiver, but it is a warning bell indicating additional attention may be necessary.

    Keep an Eye on the Situation

    It's important to look for early warning signs as sometimes small actions can lead to big problems. However, if you live a long distance from your loved ones, you'll want to take steps by building a network of neighbors, family friends and relatives who are willing to check in regularly. Doctors and nurses are also valuable resources to help determine if your in-home staffing services caregiver is doing a good job. Ask your loved ones specific questions about the caregiver’s actions and attitudes as they may not realize certain behaviors are undesirable or unacceptable.

    Review Expectations

    Sometimes a mismatch is just a result of a miscommunication, especially when the issues are not personal. Your in-home healthcare provider can't be expected to meet your expectations if you have not communicated them clearly. Many times caregivers work with multiple families, so it may be easier to have those expectations in writing. If your priorities have changed it's important to communicate those to your staffing services coordinator as well.

    Use a Checklist and Document

    If the issues revolve around tasks that aren't performed or not done as well as expected, it's possible the contract staff caregiver is having organizational issues. It may be worth experimenting with a checklist for the caregiver, including large tasks like cooking meals and small tasks like turning on music. When things aren't done as expected, this also helps create a paper trail to identify one-time issues or patterns of behavior. It is also important to document your conversations if you believe the relationship will end.

    Notify Your Agency

    Always keep your contract staffing agency informed of what's going on with your caregiver, and notify them as soon as you have concerns. The agency not only helps find your caregiver but also mediates any issues that may pop up. They can help identify whether certain behaviors are patterns across several patients and will work with you and the caregiver to solve problems or expedite a replacement process.

    Stay Strong and Be Compassionate

    Depending on the contract with your caregiver, you may have to give an official warning prior to actually firing them. Be sure to stay firm in your decision when you sit down with your caregiver. If you feel that might be difficult for you, have someone from the agency with you or a friend or family member. If you allow yourself to be talked out of your decision, you're setting yourself up for an even more challenging situation moving forward.

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