Harmony Selects Quarter 4's Corporate Star Performer!

    We would like to honor Harmony’s Director of Clinical Services, Becky Janczewski RN, BSN as our Quarter 4 Corporate Star Performer!  In the time since Becky joined our organization, she has proven herself to be not only an A-player but a team player, always giving one-hundred percent to her tasks, colleagues, and the company as a whole. “Since Becky has joined the Harmony team, she has not only stepped in, she has stepped up,” says Credentialing and Compliance Specialist, Denise Robertson. “Many changes occurred after Becky was hired but she has tackled every job she has been given, finds out what she needs to do and figures out a way to get it done.”

    Becky says her favorite thing about her job is “the people by far—they are the best group and make coming to work every day so much fun!”  Besides proving that relationships matter, Becky is also learning and growing as a professional in her new role, showing her commitment by choice. “Working at Capital Healthcare Services has allowed me to use my clinical and management skills but also learn many new things such as the nonskilled side of the business and a whole different leadership style,” Becky says.  She has certainly accepted these new challenges as opportunities to evolve, which has reflected in her stellar work performance!

    When Becky has down time, you can find her crafting, reading, practicing T’ai Chi, and following her other passions—cooking and animals! “I’m a huge animal lover, so I’m always doing something with animals or nature,” Becky says. “I’m [also] a really good cook!” 

    At the end of the day, Becky has a passion and purpose aligned with Harmony’s, which makes her the perfect fit! She is fully invested in helping us achieve our purpose, and holds our clients and employees in very high regard. “[What keeps me going is] knowing that we have the ability to provide the best care possible and truly make a difference in the lives of our clients,” she says.  We are so grateful to have Becky in the Harmony Family, and we thank her for everything she does!  She truly deserves this honor!

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