Fun Crafts to Do with the Elderly During the Holidays

    Take on these simple projects with your client or aging loved one to make special holiday memories together this season. The crafts are easy and enjoyable for both caregivers and seniors!

    Part of the joy of the holidays is making memories together. Senior mobility and energy may be limited, but making simple crafts at home are special ways to brighten the holidays.

    5 Nostalgic Projects to Make This Holiday Season

    These crafts are fit for seniors because they are calm and simple. They’re also nostalgic, adding joy to the time spent making them. Seniors might also enjoy making these crafts to give as gifts over the holidays.

    1. Recycled Card Bookmarks

    Use ribbon, glue, and old Christmas cards to make simple bookmarks.

    2. Mason Jar Snow Globes

    Encourage seniors to put knick-knacks collected over the years in their mason jar snow globes. Only a few materials are needed.

    3. Memento Ornaments

    Clear, hollow ornaments can be fun to fill with special mementos. These are often valued as priceless memory holders and conversation pieces.

    4. Scrapbooks/Photo Albums

    Good old-fashioned scrap-booking allows seniors to reminisce and share stories with a sense of purpose and delight.

    5. Needlework/Sewing Projects

    There are a ton of easy, fast, adult crafts seniors can make using fabric, needle, and thread (or yarn). Search online for adult sewing ideas and directions.

    Simple, Decorative Holiday Crafts Seniors Will Love

    Being able to decorate or make decorations to give as gifts can brighten the holidays for seniors. Decorative items seniors can easily make include:

    • Basic Jewelry
    • Holiday pins
    • Candle holders
    • Gift tags
    • Ornaments
    • Pine cone decorations

    Websites like or are packed with different holiday craft ideas! You can even make a Pinterest account and create different boards for fun holiday activities and ideas.  Your options are endless!

    Benefits of Crafting for Seniors

    Making something offers a number of benefits to seniors, especially during the holidays.

    Benefits include:

    • A sense of purpose
    • The joy of giving gifts
    • Fun and laughter
    • Something to share with others
    • Nostalgic feelings and reminiscing
    • Honing skills
    • Learning something new
    • Memory making
    • Conversation starters
    • Adding cheer to living environment
    • Mental boosts

    Make Holiday Projects More Special

    Whether seniors really love making crafts or not, spending time working on projects over the holiday can create precious, joyful memories. There are many ways to make these activities more meaningful to seniors:

    • Turning on holiday music while crafting
    • Planning projects as gifts to loved ones
    • Inviting friends or family to participate
    • Using the projects to decorate
    • Encouraging storytelling and memory-sharing while crafting
    • Completing projects to donate to charity
    • Incorporating mementos or favorite knick-knacks into crafts
    • Making regular time to work on crafts over the season

    Home Care Tip

    Some seniors’ fine motor skills deteriorate over time. If that is the case, offer to help seniors write cards and select crafts that don’t require precision. Seniors should retain a sense of ownership over projects, even if they are unable to do some of the tasks independently.

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