Fun Technology Advancements That Are Helping Children in Need of In-Home Care

    Being stuck at home is not fun for adults, and even less so for children. When you have a youngster who is unable to leave home, even for a short amount of time, it can be challenging to keep their minds occupied. It may be time to explore some of the technological advancements that allow your child to stay home and still be connected with friends, family and school projects.

    Whether your child is expected to be at home short-term or long-term, the Americans with Disabilities Act has provided federal legislation for the last 30 years mandating that students with disabilities be provided education in their least restrictive environment. As a result, the public school system has an obligation to continue to offer education and instruction to students who are unable to leave home. Before investing in expensive equipment or technology yourself, check with your local school programs to determine if your child is eligible as they will cover the cost during the school year.

    EZ AT has developed assistive Technologies for children ages 3 to 8 with disabilities. They have a wide range of products and devices to improve the child's ability to learn and participate. Their range of products include books, journaling, games and daily activities using computers and digital cameras.

    Science Kids is an online platform designed to help children discover Science and Technology experiments they can do at home. The site offers free worksheets for children in preschool through fifth grade. Activities include lesson plans for teachers as well as ideas for parents. Some of the activities offered include making movies, building Lego cars, using Photoshop or designing a website. Robots can be another popular topic children enjoy learning about and building.

    Club Penguin is an online site designed by Disney that offered an introduction into Virtual Worlds and is aimed at children aged 6 to 14. It helps children learn how to build avatars, chat and try a range of different games. The original game was released in 2005 and discontinued in 2017. However, a new release of Club Penguin Rewritten is a free-to-play virtual world based off of the original Club Penguin.

    iTwixie is a social site design for girls ages 8 and up. The site is much less about who's the prettiest or the best and aimed at girls who choose to make smart decisions and be kind. They encourage generosity to others and allow girls to express themselves creatively. The website is aimed at creating a revolution of girls from around the world to stand together and Empower each other. The game offers challenges, and Rewards while not allowing gossip, swearing or inappropriate content. Whether you have a girl who dances, competes in the sports or studies stem, they'll find another friend on iTwixie.

    With the availability of software and tablets, your child May easily engage with their classroom or friends who are out and about. By activating the camera on a tablet and using Skype or another virtual communication program your child can easily communicate with classroom teachers or sit in the stands with their friends and watch a baseball game.

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    If your child enjoys writing, it may be time to start a blog and encourage other children who are going through difficult times or experiencing the same illness. It can be a time to share ideas about what to do at home, the most recent books read or the most fun games they've discovered. If your child is in need of in-home care, contact the team at Harmony today.



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