Direct Care Worker of the Year Nominees

    Recently, Harmony Home Healthcare had the privilege of nominating two fantastic caregivers for Pennsylvania Homecare Association’s 2017 Direct Care Worker of the Year.  While there can only be one winner, both caregivers are more than deserving.  Having exemplified our company’s core values from the moment they joined the Harmony Family, they have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide exceptional care to their clients.  Please read on to learn more about our two nominees, Jen Zedek and Michelle Benson.

    Jen Zedek

    Harmony’s Administrator, Beth Lengle, had nothing but wonderful things to say about Jen Zedek.  In Jen’s nomination letter Beth writes:

    Jen exceeds all expectations of both her clients and the company.  Jen, a single mother, will stop to check on clients she is not even assigned to, if she knows there is a need.  One specific example is when Jen was taking her child to baseball practice and an email was sent out regarding a client need.  Jen stopped on her way to the ball field to check on the client.

    Carolyn D., one of Jen’s clients, also had much to say about Jen’s exemplary work ethic and job performance.  Here is a portion of what Carolyn had to say:

    Jen Zedek became my caregiver on July 20, 2016, making her the longest and most dedicated caregiver I have ever had.  She consistently makes me a happier person.  Jen is someone I can trust, which is very important to me.  And in addition to her trustworthiness, she makes me feel comfortable and safe. She listens to me and answers my questions to help me learn new things. I don’t have to tell her what I need, she just knows. She does a phenomenal job of keeping my house clean, making sure I have food for the weekend by making me dinners, and taking care of my cats.  Jen is always on time. No matter what the case is, she is there for me.  There have been times when she has worked over her scheduled time.  Sometimes my doctor appointments run late, but she never complains and never hesitates to help me. 

    One of the most memorable and considerate things Jen has done for me was when my mother became ill.  Jen took me to see her, and when my mother passed away Jen was there to support me.  She stayed by my side during the viewing.  She helped me get ready for the funeral.  She spent the entire day with me and my family.  And while it was her job to be there and help me, she went above and beyond her responsibilities by being there as a friend.  She truly is like family to me.

    Michelle Benson

    In Michelle’s nomination letter, Harmony’s Administrator, Beth Lengle writes:

    Our company has been fortunate enough to have Michelle as an employee since 2016.  At that time she already had more than 18 years’ of healthcare experience.  When describing Michelle, her supervisors and peers use words such as ‘dedicated’ and ‘caring’.

    Arleen L., the daughter of Michelle’s client, also had some great things to say about Michelle’s compassionate nature and superior work performance.   Arleen writes:

    Michelle is quite a remarkable caregiver for my mom.  The care my mom receives from Michelle is always done with lots of love, kindness, and compassion. I always find Mom to be bathed, dressed in clean clothes, oral care completed, and never in a dirty Depend.  Mom also receives help from Michelle with eating.  She sits with her while she eats and feeds her when needed.  After eating, Michelle spends time with Mom doing mentally stimulating activities, such as writing, games, puzzles, reading, and coloring.  I would also like to acknowledge Michelle’s care of Mom’s home.  I really appreciate Michelle; she is Mom’s angel in my eyes.  It is also fair to say Michelle is never late for her shift and is willing to stay late at her expense, if needed.  Michelle is an exemplary caregiver for my mom and is her biggest advocate when family cannot be there to care for her.  How lucky the family is to have Mom in such loving and caring hands!

    Beth Lengle and Patient Care Coordinator, Yvonne Jones, visited both Jen and Michelle to deliver the good news in person, complete with balloons, a certificate, a gift from the company, and much celebration!  (Michelle can be seen below.  Jen has chosen for her pictures to remain private.) 

    On March 28, 2018, the Pennsylvania Homecare Association will announce the winner of the prestigious honor of Direct Care Worker of 2017.  We wish Jen and Michelle the best of luck.  At the end of the day, despite who wins the award, Harmony is the true winner for having two such fantastic caregivers!

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