Checklist: How to Break Down Your Family’s Need for In-Home Care

    Given the option, most seniors would choose to stay at home. However, there are times when this may not be safe any longer. While it may seem like a straightforward question and answer to you, asking your loved one to give up part of their independence and accept a caregiver at home can be difficult.

    However, when you are able to present objective, concrete evidence the addition of a caregiver will help reduce risk, increase safety and provide a level of support for your loved one. In-home care is non-clinical care provided for your family members who requires assistance in some activities of daily living skills, such as light housekeeping, bathing and meal preparation. Here is a list of characteristics and signs that will let you know an in-home caregiver's assistance may be needed:

    • Feeling forgetful, get confused or lost
    • Forget to take medications
    • Missed doctor's appointments
    • Struggle to pay their bills independently
    • Write checks or withdraw money for unfamiliar people
    • Feel frustrated or stressed
    • Avoid people and social situations
    • Hold a coherent conversation
    • Take less interest in activities they previously enjoyed
    • Appear lonely or depressed
    • Sleep more often, less often or have less energy
    • Have different eating habits
    • Maintain a healthy weight
    • Have expired or rotting food in the refrigerator
    • Unable to operate appliances safely
    • Accidentally leave the stove or oven on
    • Have difficulty walking, dressing, eating or bathing
    • Have difficulty with incontinence
    • Fall often or bruise easily
    • Appear to have an unstable gait indoors and outside
    • Unable to negotiate stairs
    • Unable to retrieve the mail and newspaper safely
    • Unable to bathe and groom themselves appropriately
    • Spend excessively

    As you go through this checklist with your loved one in mind, it's helpful to write down the information you feel will be beneficial for your family member as this will help you and your home care provider customize a solution that best meets their needs.

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