5 Things to Know about Pediatric Private Duty Nursing

    Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts that life has to offer.  However, when a child develops health problems and requires extra medical attention, it can be one of the most trying and emotionally excruciating times any parent could experience.  Luckily, there are options available to keep the child as healthy and comfortable as possible, even in the comfort of their own home with their parents right beside them every step of the way.  Pediatric Home Healthcare has been a godsend for countless numbers of families, with compassionate and competent Private Duty Nurses easing the burden and worry, and providing exceptional and trusted care in the time when it’s needed most. 

    If you’re a parent looking for pediatric services for your child, or a nurse looking for a different career setting, Pediatric Private Duty might be your perfect option.  Harmony’s own Pediatric Nurse Case Manager, Ginger Townsend, has a lot of helpful information to provide on the topic!  Read on to learn more, and discover 5 important things to know about this exceptional home health service!

    1. It gives the clients and their parents or guardians the gifts of choice and freedom.

    For pediatric clients and their families, there is a definite advantage to Private Duty Home Healthcare.  “The client gets to remain in their home surrounded by their supportive family—an environment that provides safety and security,” Ginger says. It simply gives parents the choice to safely have their child cared for in the comfort of their own home, and it allows for a greater feeling of freedom to be experienced by all.

    1. Private Duty Nurses are more important than you could ever imagine.

    As the nurses become comfortable and familiar in the household and with the client and family members, the typical client-nurse relationship becomes greater and more meaningful than ever expected!  “The continuity of the nursing staff fosters a trusting relationship between the parents and child with the nurse,” Ginger explains, “the relationship builds over time and the nurse becomes similar to a trusted member of their extended family.”  Simply put, it’s medical care that feels like family.

    Also, these Private Duty Nurses play a vital role in this at-home setting, and their skills, expertise, and professional platform are of the utmost importance to the well-being of the client.  “A private duty nurse must be able to work autonomously and have excellent communication skills to advocate for their clients and families,” Ginger says.  “Oftentimes they are the first to discover a change in condition, they identify care gaps for both the client and family, and they facilitate the client and family through the striations of care.”

    1. Nobody understands the clients more than their own parents.

    Something very important that every Private Duty Nurse learns is that nobody understands the clients more than their own parents or guardians.  It’s vital for the nurses and parents to work together positively and always be open with communication, because, above all, the main focus is the same—the well-being of the child.  “As nurses we are assigned shifts, and then we get to go home, but for the parents this is their life, and a huge sacrifice for every member of the family,” Ginger says.  “We need to remember that having a special needs child is a twenty-four hour a day responsibility and we are guests in their home.”

    1. Every client will leave an imprint, never to be forgotten.

    While every nursing job can leave a lasting impact on the nurse, the close bond that a private duty nurse makes with their clients will leave a lasting imprint, as Ginger puts it, both personally and professionally.  “Every client, whether an adult or a child, leaves an imprint both personally and professionally because of the commitment and the investment into improving their quality of life,” Ginger says. “Every experience shapes you for the next, and lessons are learned each and every day through our experiences and relationships.”

    1. The connections that are made will last a lifetime.

    As the bond between the nurses, clients, and family strengthens and grows, it inevitably creates a lasting connection.  The nurses have taken care of the most valuable treasure these parents have, and they’ve done so right in the place that means the most to them—home.  “The connections that are made between clients and family are long term and can last a lifetime,” Ginger reflects.  As previously stated, it’s care that feels like family, and it’s like none other.

    Does Pediatric Home Healthcare sound like the best option for your child?  Does a career in Pediatric Private Duty Nursing sound like the career opportunity of a lifetime?  Contact us to learn more.

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    Author: Michelle Adams


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