5 Technologies That Can Help Seniors Avoid an Accident at Home

    If your elderly loved one has ever had an accident at home, such as a slip or fall, then you know how costly it can be.  The physical harm to the senior can be life altering, and, unfortunately, this is not the only price.  Consider the common scenario:

    A senior falls on the wet, slick bathroom floor.  After visiting the emergency room, it is determined he must temporarily relocate to a nursing home to receive physical and occupational rehabilitation.  Following the stay at the nursing home, ongoing home-health care is required in order to maintain full-recovery.

    Not only has the senior suffered a tremendous injury, one so severe it resulted in relocation, but in addition, there are the emotional and financial ramifications, as well.  The average emergency room stay is over $2,000, and skilled-nursing facilities usually charge between $4,000-6,000 a month.  Furthermore, there are residual effects on the family and loved ones, like the fear it will happen again.  Sure, finding senior care in Pittsburgh is easier than most cities due to a plethora of great available options, but navigating the complexities of the senior healthcare industry is exhausting and can potentially results in caregiver burnout for the family members involved, often turning a bad situation worse.

    Below are 5 modern technologies that can help reduce the risk of a senior suffering an accident at home.

    1. Walk-In TubsMore senior citizens fall getting into and out of the bathtub or shower than any other place in the house. Walk-in tubs offer a safe, autonomous way to bathe.  We also recommend adding grab bars for support, and anti-slip floors to reduce slickness.
    1. Electronic Pill Dispensers Mixing up medications is a common occurrence. Not only is it easy for a senior to forget which pills he took and when, but with the addition of rotating family members or home-care aids also administrating medicine, things can get really confusing.  It only takes one mix-up to cause a tragic accident.  Electronic pill dispensers are easy to use, affordable, and assure an overdose is out of the question.


    1. Smart Security SystemsThese are not your grandmother’s security systems (the old Louisville Slugger under the bed). Modern security systems allow you awareness and control of your elderly parent’s home, directly from your smart phone.  Lock their doors, close the garage, turn off the lights, and even answer a stranger at the door through the speaker on the doorbell. Cameras are great for peace of mind, next time Mom or Dad keeps missing your phone call.


    1. Medical Alert Systems – These nifty, little electronic devises are worn around the neck or wrist, and are used after a fall or accident. Unfortunately, Medical Alert Systems, also known as Emergency Response Monitors, will not prevent a fall, like some of the above technologies. However, they allow the senior to immediately contact emergency resources from anywhere in the house, which can be a potential lifesaver.


    1. Electronic PetsSenior isolation is a real issue effecting millions of elderly people who live alone. The responsibility of taking care of a pet, besides a gold fish, is nearly impossible for seniors with mobility restrictions, dementia, or if they live in a home without a yard.  Electronic pets can provide the companionship of a dog or cat, without the responsibility


    Article written by Alex Milzer with Senior Directory, LLC

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