5 Staycation Ideas for Caregivers Who Love Busy Activities!

    It’s that time of year…people are getting away, taking luxurious trips, and spending a week in total relaxation mode.  This can sting if you have no plans of doing any such thing this summer.  Picking up extra shifts for vacationing colleagues, and living vicariously through your friends’ trips on your Instagram and Facebook feeds might be the closest you come to a vacation this year.  If that’s the boat you’re in, you have options!  You can still pack the rest of your summer full of fun activities on your days off!  While those days may sometimes seem few and far between, we have ideas for how you can make them part of a “staycation” to remember!

    If you’re the type who likes to constantly be on the go, some of these activity ideas might be all you need to take your days off from ordinary to extraordinary.

    1. Visit an amusement park or water park.

    You don’t have to travel across the country to experience some thrills!  As children, amusement park days were perhaps the peak of our summer breaks.  Larger than life rides giving you the upside-down, inside-out feeling in your stomach, and splashing through the water slides with no abandon were some of the best times we had.  As an adult, how often do you get to experience these things?  Take a day with some friends and relive the fun at an amusement or water park close to home!  Cool off, eat some funnel cake, and have a blast.

    1. Attend an outdoor festival.

    The summer months are packed with scads of different outdoor festivals!  Big cities and small towns alike love bringing their residents together to enjoy food, music, wine, or seasonal activities.  Look up the local events happening near you, and pick one that matches your interests!  Some are great to attend with kids, and others, like the local wine festivals, are perfect for an adult day get-a-way!

    1. See a concert or show.

    Whether you prefer concerts, musicals or plays, seeing a show can be a great way to make a day off feel extra special.  Even if you don’t live in a big city, many small towns and communities have outdoor concerts and local theater productions during the summer months. Perfect for families, flying solo, or even taking your pup! Check out what’s going on around you!

    1. Put the “active” in activity.

    Are you the type of person who loves to stay active?  Fill your days off with fun outdoor activities that you wouldn’t typically get to do!  Go for a hike at a nearby state park, get your bicycle out and hit the trail, or polish up your athletic skills with a sport you love to play.  These are the perfect activities if you’re on a budget, and you’ll be doing something great for your health as well!

    1. Find something interesting near you that you’ve never done before!

    Oftentimes, there’s a fun place close to home that we don’t think to take advantage of despite our proximity.  For example, I grew up a very short drive from the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house, Fallingwater.  People literally travel across the world to tour this place, and I still, to this day, have never gone.  Even “Brangelina” helicoptered in to my area just to see it, close to a decade ago!  Find your own version of Fallingwater this summer, and finally take advantage of that awesome place near you, and I’ll make it a point to do the same!

    Do these ideas sound like good options for you? Try them out, and send us some staycation selfies along the way!  If relaxing staycation ideas are more of what you’re looking for, stay tuned next week for part two!

    Author: Michelle Adams

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