5 Benefits of Aging in Place

    Quite simply, the phrase “aging in place” refers to when an older adult continues living in his or her home as long as possible, even if they need some assistance with everyday tasks. On a deeper level, it means that a senior living at home retains control over his or her life, enjoying autonomy and independence, and overall affords them dignity. And, aging in place has never been more possible and it can even be beneficial to an older adult’s emotional and physical well being. Learn about the 5 most common benefits of aging in place to see if this is an option for your loved one. 

    5 Benefits of Aging in Place

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    Maintaining Independence

    Staying in the home setting that they built and nurtured allows seniors to have more freedom and independence than they might in an unfamiliar setting of an assisted living facility or nursing home. The familiar setting allows seniors to have greater control over their personal lives, leading to higher levels of happiness, fulfillment, and personal satisfaction. Even when seniors need at-home care assistance with some activities through the day, aging in place can still foster independence and freedom. We’re proud to offer customized services and care options for older adults who wish to remain in the comfort of their own homes. With a focus on person-centered care and coordination of services, we ensure that our care is designed to meet the needs of each client as well as the recommendations of his or her physician.

    Familiar Setting & Routines

    There is the timeless saying that “home is where the heart is”. The older someone gets the more this can hold true. Aging in place allows your senior loved one to continue living in an environment that is familiar and full of good memories, while getting the care they need to live comfortably. The familiarity of a favorite chair, the comfort of their own bed, the familiar smells and temperature are all important for the comfort of staying in one's home. Aging in place also offers the comfort of privacy and a sense of familiarity that may just not be the same in a new living setting or environment

    Additionally, having familiarity with one's surroundings can help trigger a memory, slowing down the advancement of memory loss. For example, studies have shown that smell is one of the many powerful memory triggers that increases memory recall in Alzheimer's patients. Staying in his or her own home can help your loved one to stay connected through familiar sights, sounds, and smells. 

    Maintaining Independence

    Healthier & Safer Environment

    One of the many added benefits of aging in place is the quality of life that seniors tend to have, which also increases their physical health. This is because aging in place helps to insulate them from infectious diseases which could cause health concerns. In addition, seniors who age in place tend to have lower levels of anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation or loneliness since they are in a familiar environment with access to their social network, families and friends.

    Aging in place also allows your senior loved one to expand their current network without compromising relationships with anyone in their group. This way, your senior can stay near their most important friends and family while also having the freedom to host or attend any social events as they please. Many senior communities are vibrant with volunteer opportunities and other activities in their social circle. At-home aging keeps your loved one in this circle of people as they continue to entertain themselves with their favorite activities. 

    Some seniors may find it easier and more enjoyable to eat out rather than cook at home. At-home aging allows access to local restaurants and other social activities. Aging at home keeps seniors active, which is one of the many benefits aging in place has to their overall health and well-being. Contact Harmony Home Care today to see how home health care is available to those aging in place. 

    Cost-Savings of Living at Home

    Nursing home and assisted living facilities may cost more overall when considering that Medicare does not cover long-term placement. The overall cost of long-term care in alternative assisted living facilities depends on the location, duration of care, which provider is used, and the type of facility your loved one will be staying in. 

    Seniors who choose to age at home have likely already paid off their mortgages, which eliminates a large portion of their monthly expenses. Seniors can use Medicare for at-home skilled nursing care and home health services like Harmony Home Care with recommendation from a doctor, and criteria met by Medicare. Harmony Home Care offers an array of personalized assistance services such as companionship, personal care, meal preparation, and light housekeeping that may come at a reduced rate for your loved one. Seniors living at home can choose to seek nearby family and friends for assistance, and utilize community support services such as meal delivery.

    There are a number of financial options to make when determining your loved one’s care. Harmony Home Care will work with you and your loved one to create the best aging in place plan, and will assist with working through the financial process.

    Strengthens Social Network and Stay Closer to Family

    Aging in place allows seniors to keep their current social network of friends as well as extend upon it. Many communities offer vibrant senior centers, volunteer groups and other social opportunities that allow seniors to dramatically expand their social circle while enjoying the group activities. We can help your loved one to find social activities and provide transportation to ensure that he or she feels connected to the community.

    Living at home also allows seniors to remain connected to their loved ones, too. Seniors who make connections with their adult children, grandchildren, neighbors, and friends can have numerous health benefits for seniors including:

    • Lowering the risk of developing certain diseases such as dementia
    • Increased longevity
    • Increased feelings of happiness and satisfaction
    • Better physical and mental health
    • Having a sense of purpose of belonging

    Strengthens Social Network and Stay Closer to Family

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    How can my family plan ahead for aging in place?

    WIth the rising cost of long term care, along with the growing senior population, more and more seniors are opting to age in place. While it may not be possible for an older loved one to live independently in their home longer term, there are several changes that can be made in order to grant them the most time possible. Our client care managers are happy to talk through any questions you may have about making aging in place work for your loved one.

    How Can Harmony Homecare help with Aging in Place?

    Aging in place gives many seniors the independence and dignity to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. While it can require planning to put the supports in place that meet their ongoing physical and emotional needs we are dedicated and committed to helping you through it, step by step. We’re also available to talk with you and help your loved one if they need more extensive support in the home, including skilled nursing services. Our continuum of care for your loved one is designed to focus not only on health and safety, but also dignity, well-being and comfort. 

    Aging in place is one of the best ways your senior loved one can maintain independence and freedom, even if they only need occasional help. Aging in place lets your loved one choose who will help and how they will help them. It is important when getting help for your loved one who wishes to age in place to get a home caregiver that has their interests in mind. If assisted living is not an available option, consider the benefits of aging in place.

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