4 Unique Ways to Show Your Grandparents You Love Them During the Holidays

    Grandparents are experts at spoiling their grandchildren.  Whether it’s a birthday party, the holidays, or even just the occasional trip to the mall, grandparents love to shower their grandchildren with gifts.  But what about grandma and grandpa, don’t they deserve the same “royal treatment” in return?  We think so!  Below are 4 ways to show love and appreciation to your grandparents this holiday season.

    Put on a Holiday Play with the Little Ones

    This is an exceptionally fun activity if you have young children.  Senior citizens love things that bring back old memories from the past.  Perhaps nothing accomplishes this better than old holiday movies and songs.  Practice and rehearse a play for several weeks with your young children.  Then spend an afternoon with the grandparents and grandkids together making fun costumes and props.  You can tell the grandparents it is for a school play to not ruin the surprise.  Then, the night of your holiday dinner, put on the play for the grandparents.  You can even write in a several cameo lines for the grandparents too.  Recommended plays include: It’s a Wonderful Life, Harry and Chanukah Goblin, and Ebenezer Scrooge.

     Electronic Picture Frames

    Most picture books either sit on a bookshelf or the closet floor for years, hardly ever looked at except on rare occasions, collecting more dust than finger-prints.  Electronic picture frames are a great present because they are constantly visible like a normal picture frame, casually sitting on a dresser or table, however they more unique because they rotate pictures the same way a picture book does.  It’s like having the best of both worlds, the picture frame and picture book, all in one.  Some even rotate hundreds of photos.  Add your favorite pictures, combining both present and past, and give it to your grandparents in an electronic picture frame.  For seniors in Pittsburgh living with memory loss, this might be the most impactful present you can give them.  Either way, your grandparent will be sure to love this meaningful holiday present!

     Video Call

    Many of us have grandparents that live in a different state.  Instead of simply sending a holiday card and present, schedule a video call with your grandparents.   Seniors aren’t always the most technologically savvy, but most now own a smart phone or computer, so you should have several options such as Skype, iChat, etc.  Your grandparents will be thrilled to see you, even if it is through a screen!

    Limousine Ride to Dinner and the Theatre

    This is the most expensive idea on the list but if you can afford it will be a memory grandma and grandma will never forget.  This is best for either your grandparents as a couple, or, if one of your grandparents is deceased, your living grandparent and a group of their friends.  Have the limousine pick up your grandparents from their home, as well as any other attendees, and take them to the theatre, and dinner afterwards.  Your grandparents are probably retired by now, and have very little reason to get dressed up fancy anymore.   Getting dressed up is meaningful and something older people look forward to, making it truly a special night!


    Article written by Alex Milzer with Senior Directory, LLC


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