4 Reasons Why We Celebrate Military Nurses!

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—nurses are some of the most selfless, caring people you’ll ever meet.  The role they consistently fill, day in and day out, changes lives and even changes the world.  As we near Memorial Day, we will honor and celebrate the brave men and women who lost their lives while serving in the United States military, but we think that it’s just as important to honor those brave men and women who are still with us, as well.  And today, we want to specifically honor and celebrate a particular group of selfless, courageous men and women, past and present, who have continued to give their all for the country they love—our military nurses. 

    While there are countless reasons to honor the service of our military nurses, these are just four of our favorite ones.

    1. They’re essentially doing two of the most selfless jobs imaginable at once!

    Dedicating your career to taking care of others is one of the best ways to give back.  For nurses, they spend every shift doing exactly that—giving back.  For every patient they care for, and every life they touch, they are giving back and helping to make the world a better place.  For military personnel, they too are spending each day giving back—helping to keep their fellow servicemen and women safe, as well as their country.  Both professions require an immense amount of dedication, selflessness, and compassion.  When you put them together, they make a combination like none other!  Military nurses are essentially doing two of the most selfless jobs imaginable at the same time.  The discipline, drive, and genuine compassion that emanates from these extraordinary men and women is truly remarkable, and we can’t give them enough credit for dedicating a great portion of their lives to this esteemed career!

    1. They’re taking care of the brave men and women who are protecting our country!

    It’s unthinkable to imagine where our country would be without the courageous men and women who have been protecting and fighting for it for so many years.  Our deployed military personnel must always be at their very best in order to carry out their duties and responsibilities, while also being cognizant of their surroundings and possible danger.  And who do they go to when they aren’t feeling their best?  Military nurses!  These nurses are helping to keep our country’s protectors healthy, cared for, and most importantly—alive.  From viruses to battle wounds, military nurses are prepared and trained to do whatever they can to help make their fellow servicemen and women ready to protect themselves, all of us, and generations to come.  Talk about vital!

    1. They’re risking their lives to save lives!

    As military nurses care for their patients, their work settings can become downright dangerous and frightening at times.  When our troops are deployed to war zones, they need military nurses right there with them in the thick of it all.  When it comes down to it, military nurses are risking their own lives to save the lives of others.  This requires a great amount of sacrifice, and can be accompanied by stress, as well as sadness over being separated from family and loved ones.  However, they don’t take their calling lightly, and they earn a great deal of respect from their colleagues and loved ones because of it.

    1. Even as retired service members, they continue to save lives!

    As military nurses retire from the service, they oftentimes continue their nursing work in civilian settings.  Their career experience and professional talent make them ideal candidates for healthcare organizations and employers all over the country.  Retired military nurses can find employment in a variety of settings, such as clinics, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, VA hospitals, and in home healthcare.  Their ability to touch lives and help others doesn’t stop, but simply picks up in a new setting.

    Special Note Regarding our Employees

    Harmony Home Healthcare has had the privilege of employing many corporate and healthcare workers with military backgrounds, and we salute them for their service, bravery, and dedication!  They are a vital part of our organization, as well as our country, and we feel honored to have them as members of the Harmony Family!

    Remember to honor our Vets, past and present, during the upcoming holiday, and every day!  Military nurses, we salute you, and we wish you a happy and safe holiday weekend!


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    Author: Michelle Adams


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